Futurejunk is a technology, life and ideas blog.

We look at new technologies, including devices, websites, software and apps and we ponder the future and past of cutting edge technology – from conception to the junkyard in the sky.

I’m excited to learn and share about many topics including:

  • how the web has provided opportunities for anyone with a device and a connection to change the world in a little (or huge) way.
  • how technology (software and devices) are shaking up education and providing opportunities to learn anything, anywhere at anytime.
  • how awesome, beautiful and deliberate/natural designs are. This includes every product ever built – from user interfaces, to utensils, to architecture, to cell phones… even envelopes. Design impacts our lives every day in positive/negative ways.

We have a small team of writers scattered across the globe and would really like to have more people involved. If you’re passionate about ideas, technology and gadgets why not blog with us?