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Futurejunk (‘FJ’, ‘The Website’) is part of Futurejunk’s online community software suite.. (‘The Company’, ‘Futurejunk’, ‘we’, ‘our’). The Online Community has an online presence at http://www.futurejunk.com (‘The Website’). The Website access is free to all visitors for viewing and making use of this information.

Posting messages on The Online Community is restricted to members who have registered. Registration is free and you must provide certain details upon doing so. Futurejunk is adheres to strict data protection guidelines. Please see our privacy statement for more information.

By registering with The Online Community you agree that any posts that you make will be respectful to other members of the community. The username that you choose must be not be one to impersonate any other person including (but not limited to) other users, moderators, admin. Visitors must also not breach the copyright of third parties either in text that is posted or in attachments (including images) that are uploaded.

Special care must be taken by people posting on The Online Community so to ensure any persons, companies or other entities do not consider comments libellous. If you are in any doubt over the validity of statements that you might make on FJ then DO NOT post it. FJ have moderators who attempt to remove posts that break our Terms of Service (TOS) however it is possible that some messages may avoid moderation. Therefore, please only write fact and if you post your opinion consider the consequences and avoid using names. This will help protect you from others having legal disputes with any posts to The Website. Futurejunk, cannot take responsibility for all posts at all times. If you notice any posts which you believe to be inappropriate or that breaks the TOS then please let us know immediately through email, private message (PM), or by clicking on the link next to the offending post.

Futurejunk records the ip addresses of all members who post and will ban users by ip if the TOS are broken. Registered users acknowledge that their comments on the site are their sole responsibility.

The Online Community is made up of forums which each host different topics. Please make sure that all comments made within the forums are on-topic. Moderation of posts may mean that your comments have been transferred to a more appropriate forum.

As a user of The Online Community you must submit a real email address which you have full and immediate access to as this may be verified either upon registration or at a later date. Futurejunk reserves the right to remove any registrations and accounts. We also reserve the right to delete or edit any of your posts which appear on the discussion forums without any notice and for whatever reason we (or our moderators) see fit.

From time to time, The Online Community may be offline and unavailable for posting or viewing. We will try to keep these periods as short and as few as possible and the reason for the interruption will usually be for system upgrades and maintenance.

We expect and insist that our intellectual property rights and copyright are respected and that visitors use the information contained in The Website for purposes such as being an active participant of The Online Community. This includes but is not limited to finding work, using the classifieds forums to buy and sell items for example. We will endeavour to protect the copyrights of VFuturejunk and The Online Community.

Visitors must not under any circumstances reproduce any content from The Website, The Online Community or The Magazine for any purpose. Any such action will be in violation of The Company’s intellectual property rights.

Any person or company wishing to use any property of Futurejunk, must obtain prior written permission.

No part of The Website nor terms and conditions form any agreement between the visitors and ourselves.


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